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Thermo Scientific Matrix Hydra II
96-Channel Automated Liquid Handling System
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The Thermo Scientific Matrix Hydra II is a positive displacement, syringe-based liquid handling system that provides high-speed aspirating and dispensing of microliter and sub-microliter volumes into 96- or 384- format microplates. Compact, cost-effective and easy-to-use, the Matrix Hydra II instrument dispenses volumes as low as 100 nl with excellent precision and accuracy and offers the flexibility of use as either a bench-top liquid handler or as an integrated microplate dispenser.
  • Syringe-based automatic pipetting enables dispensing down to 100 nl and a maximum syringe fill of 100 µl.
  • Choice of dispense heads allows the Matrix Hydra II to be used with any microplate from 96 to 384 wells, and any tube rack with a microplate footprint
  • Stepper motor technology enables precise movement of syringes as well as X/Y movement of microplates
  • Configure via on-board LCD or graphical interface software for intuitive, easy programming with or without a PC
  • Robotic integration—OLE software package, RS232 port and open pipetting platform enables easy integration
  • Excellent chemical compatibility—Glass syringe technology offers superior chemical resistance

Precise Speed Control
Aspirate and dispense speeds can be optimized and independently set based on fluid type or to facilitate optimal precision. Washing speed can also be adjusted to minimize the time to clean needles and syringes.

Programming Flexibility
The Matrix Hydra II can be programmed via an easy-to-read, four-line LCD display, or with the intuitive drag-and-drop ControlMate software. ControlMate is the same software that is used on all Matrix automation platforms, and an available OLE package provides developers with an ActiveX automation interface. Learn more about ControlMate Software...

Syringe/Needle Assemblies for Precise Low Volume Dispensing
Syringe barrels are made from the highest quality borosilicate glass for excellent chemical capability. The inner chambers are precision-machined and highly polished to ensure leak-free operation. Each syringe tip features three points of sealed contact to ensure long-lasting performance. The Matrix Hydra II is available with a choice of two different needle types:

Stainless Steel Needles: The standard dispensing needles on a Matrix Hydra II, the needles are PTFE-coated on the exterior to ensure precise droplet formation.

DuraFlex Needles: Made of a flexible titanium alloy, these needles snap back to their original shape to help prevent damage to the needle or syringe during routine handling or inadvertent contact with a microplate. A proprietary fluoropolymer provides a hydrophobic surface to facilitate drop formation.

View Stainless Steel & DuraFlex Needle Illustrations »

Compound distribution for HTS
Dispensing of solvents
Distribution of bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells
Nucleic acid preps
PCR setup
Plate-to-plate transfers
Reagent addition
Reformatting into high-density plates

Ordering Guide
Please contact us for configuration and pricing information.
10961BWWash Station for HydraEach
10961WPPump Module for Hydra Wash Stations, 115 V Each
501-30023ControlMate OLE Software Module, includes CD-Rom, Security Key and ManualEach

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