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Thermo Scientific Matrix Automation Reservoirs
Designed for Simple, Economical Handling of Reagents on Automated Systems
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Thermo Scientific Matrix disposable automation reservoirs feature the same shape and dimensions as standard microplates, giving you the flexibility to handle reagents on virtually any automated liquid handler. They also feature unique removable baffles that prevent liquid from splashing out during robotic handling. Economical enough to be disposed of, these reservoirs eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and the inconvenience of washing and autoclaving.
  • Economical and disposable. No need to wash reservoirs—allowing more reservoirs to be used per run
  • Standard microplate dimensions enables reservoirs to be used in plate handlers or stackers
  • Built-in grooves in reservoir bottom reduce reagent waste and allow consistent aspiration of minimal amounts of reagent
  • Hydrophilic surface so liquid spreads out evenly, with minimal reagent needed to cover bottom
  • Polypropylene construction offers excellent chemical resistance
  • Available individually wrapped so reservoirs stay sterile until ready for use. Eliminates need to autoclave

Built-In Pour Spout
Allows easy emptying of reagents.

Removable Splash Baffles
Prevents reagents from splashing out when being moved on robotic decks. This enables reservoirs to not only be moved faster, but to be filled closer to the top with reagent. Baffles can be removed to increase the reservoir’s capacity.

Hydrophilic Surface Properties
Each reservoir undergoes a hydrophilic surface treatment that results in a lessened meniscus, meaning liquid spreads out evenly along the reservoir bottom. Not only does this result in less liquid being needed to cover the reservoir bottom, but it also ensures access to the liquid by all pipette tips.

Ordering Guide
Please contact us for configuration and pricing information.

Order Accessory Items for Your Thermo Scientific Matrix Automation Reservoirs
1064-05-696-Channel Reservoir, Deep-Well20 reservoirs/case $198.00
1064-05-7384-Channel Reservoir20 reservoirs/case $153.00
1064-05-896-Channel Reservoir20 reservoirs/case $153.00
1064-15-696-Channel Reservoir, Deep-Well, Sterile, Individually wrapped20 reservoirs/case $225.00
1064-15-7384-Channel Reservoir, Sterile, Individually wrapped20 reservoirs/case $173.00
1064-15-896-Channel Reservoir, Sterile, Individually wrapped20 reservoirs/case $173.00

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