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Matrix D.A.R.T.s Tip Transfer Tool
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The Thermo Scientific Matrix D.A.R.T.s Tip Transfer Tool simplifies and increases efficiency when loading Matrix D.A.R.T.s (Disposable Automation Research Tips) tips into serial dilution or custom configuration magazines. One transfer tool operates with both 96 and 384 format Matrix D.A.R.T.s making a variety of tip configurations compatible on Thermo Scientific Matrix automated liquid handling instruments.
  • Versatile - Compatible with 96 and 384 format Matrix D.A.R.T.s tips, the transfer tool can be easily modified to work with either. Simply arrange either the 96 or 384 tip fittings into the desired configuration, such as 4.5 mm or 9 mm spacing. Easy assembly allows for quick swapping between 96 and 384 format tip fittings.
  • Time Savings - Using the Matrix D.A.R.T.s tip transfer tool to transfer tips from a magazine into serial dilution or custom magazines is efficient and quick. An entire row or column can be transferred in one step, compared to transferring Matrix D.A.R.T.s tips by hand one at a time.
  • Easy to Use - The Matrix D.A.R.T.s tip transfer tool works much like a pipette by picking up the tips on tip fittings, and using the plunger to eject the tips into a serial dilution or custom configured magazine. Because the transfer tool is lightweight and requires low force ejection it allows for quick and easy Matrix D.A.R.T. tip transfers.

Ordering Guide
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501-30045Matrix D.A.R.T.s Tip Transfer Tool, includes handle, tip fittings for 96 and 384 format and 2 stripper platesEach
501-30046Matrix D.A.R.T.s Tip Transfer Tool Fittings, 96-channel 30 tip fittings/bag
501-30047Matrix D.A.R.T.s Tip Transfer Tool Tip Fittings, 384-channel60 tip fittings/bag

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