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Electronic Pipette Accessories
These products are no longer being manufactured
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These products are no longer being manufactured, although we will continue to provide Matrix pipette tips for your pipettes. We will continue to provide spare parts until December 2020. After this date it may be difficult to source parts. Please contact your sales representative for availability.

Tube Racks
To help you take full advantage of the expandable tip system on a Matrix EXP or Equalizer pipette, we offer different tube racks for simple reformatting from tubes to microplates. The microcentrifuge tube rack works with either 0.5 ml or 1.5 ml tubes while the test tube racks work with either 12x75 mm or 13x100 mm test tubes in an 8x12 or 5x12 format.

Pipette Stands
Three different stands are available to store your Matrix Electronic pipette when not in use.

Single Stand
A free-standing metal unit for holding one Matrix Electronic single or multichannel pipette.

Three-Position Wall Rack
A wall-mountable rack that works with single or multichannel Matrix Electronic pipettes. Includes all necessary mounting hardware.

Six-Position Revolving Stand
Ideal for labs using multiple pipettes, this stand rotates freely to keep your bench top tidy.

Spare Batteries
Can be purchased to ensure your Matrix Electronic pipette is never without power.

Ordering Guide
1096Power Supply, Single Channel Electronic, 240 V, 50 Hz (England) - DiscontinuedEach $139.00
1099Power Supply, Single Channel Electronic, 220 V, 50 Hz (Europe)- DiscontinuedEach $142.00
6092-11Rechargeable Multichannel NiMH Batteries - Discontinued2/pack $80.40
6096-11Power Supply, 240 V, 50 Hz (England) - DiscontinuedEach $142.00
6098Power Supply, 100-120 V, 50-60 Hz (USA/Japan) - DiscontinuedEach $142.00
8398Power Supply, 120 V, 60 Hz (USA) - DiscontinuedEach $145.00
8814Sample Transfer Tube Rack, Autoclavable, 0.5 ml or 1.5 ml Microcentrifuge Tubes, 8x12Each $33.40

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