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The Matrix name and mark are trademarks of Matrix Technologies Corporation.

The following Matrix trade names are registered trademarks of Matrix Technologies Corporation:

  • CellMate®
  • CellMate II®
  • Shorty®
  • Impact2 Equalizer®
  • Memowell®
  • Purefect®
  • Flo-Thru®
  • Integrity Filter Tips®   
  • TallTips®
  • Ecotip®
  • WellMate®
  • SerialMate®
  • PlateMate®
  • TipTower®
  • D.A.R.Ts®
  • ControlMate®   
  • TrakMates®
  • VisionMate®
  • SepraSeal®
  • SuperSealer®
  • Impact2 EXP™
  • DuraSeal™
  • EZ-RAYS™

Other Trade Names (not owned by Matrix Technologies Corporation)
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· Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
· DataMatrix is a registered trademark of

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