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Handheld Pipetting
The most fundamental of laboratory tools, handheld pipettors are ideal for everything from large volume transfers with serological pipets to the repetitive filling of microplates. This broad range of applications requires an equally wide selection of volumes, throughput capabilities, and channels. No matter what your chosen application, Matrix’s innovative, ergonomic line of instruments enhances your comfort and productivity, and the accuracy of your results. Learn More...

Automated Pipetting Systems
At a certain point in the research cycle, pipetting becomes more efficient and economical with an automated system than a handheld instrument. Repetitive tasks can be simplified with automation, and errors avoided during the setup of complex assays involving many steps and intricate serial dilutions. In some applications, such as working 1536 well plates or delivering sub-microliter volumes, an automated system is just plain necessary. Learn More...

Sample Storage & Assay Systems
At Matrix, our commitment to “fluid thinking” includes the engineering of a superior line of consumables that work seamlessly with liquid handling instruments. Our unique designs help you get the most from your handheld pipettors and automated systems, and enhance other liquid handling applications such as storing, shipping, or assaying of fluids. These consumables deliver unsurpassed levels of throughput, precision, and accuracy to virtually any field of research. Learn More...

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